Steven Whitaker



State of the union



Story behind the song:

This is, by far, the most political song I've ever written.  It will probably offend some people and resonate deeply with others.  Since 9/11, I've become increasingly interested in and alert to the geopolitical activities of our government and it's allies.  We've lost thousands of our own sons and daughters and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria because of wars and proxy wars based off of lies and motivated by nothing more than trying to militarily control the world.  Now we are surrounding Russia at it's own boarders with missle systems and heavy weaponry to stop a fictional "Russian aggression" and the American people, for the most part, just seem to keep buying the lies and reclining in their easy chairs to watch the game or reality tv show.  This song is written to and for the leaders of the world, but mainly to the leaders of this country.  It's my tiny attempt to get our politicians to do some soul searching and to realize that our founding fathers would be screaming in their graves if they could see what they've let this country become. This is my cry to the leaders of this country to try and remember who they were when they were young and hungry to make the world a better place-to remember who they were before greed and power filled and controlled their hearts.  We are watching the slow-motion beginning of world war III and I hope you are paying attention.  


You’re twisting in your metaphors

wonderin’ what the other means

meet me half way you say while you’re

stepping on each other’s dreams

the politics of compromise

always seem to be in the way

but I’m standing here with a white dove

in my hand and it’s never too late

so tell me mr. congressman

would Washington tip his hat to you

would Jefferson say thank you man

you’re an American through and through

or would it take one look

to see what you’ve become

and cry out revolution

where’s the america we left our children

tell me mr. president is waging war

our new god

it seems to me you’re

trying to control the world

and for what

how much greed and

how much death until we stop

and ask ourselves what what have we done

where’s the america they left their children

I’m looking at a world at war and wondering

when this madness ends

I’m asking leaders of the world

 to make your enemies your friends

America the beautiful used to stand

for something great

well I’m standing here

with a white dove in my hand

and it’s never too late