Steven Whitaker



Locust man



Story behind the song:

This song is a social commentary on the nature of mankind up to this point.  We are supposedly the most intelligent living species on this planet yet our actions throughout history have shown otherwise.  We have oppressed and murdered  millions in the name of god, in the name of greed, in the name of power and more recently, in the name of "preventing terrorism".  We have poisoned the earth, poisoned our own people and annihilated entire species of plants and animals in the name of profit and mindless greed.  Small groups of people in positions of great power in politics and industry have been responsible for most of this, but we the people, the masses of the "civilized world" have stood passively by and only taken a stand when these actions affect our little bubble worlds.  This song was written to hopefully make people to stop and think about what we are doing to ourselves and the world around us.  Let's be honest.  Up to this point, we haven't shown much more intelligence or conscience than a swarm of locusts.  What happens next is up to us.


I am one of billions in my species.

I will consume without conscience

and I will devastate without regret.

In many ways I am just like you.

What am I? 

Wicked as the wicked world we are

we push a little push a little we push too far

we’ll take and rape her to the bone

it’s what we are so far

and it’s all we’ve ever known

you’re killin’ me killin’ me

I am the locust the locust man

the enemy the enemy

I am the locust the locust man

greedy is our nature by design

we see the money take the money every time

she’ll bleed and never say a word

we’ll burn the sky and die

before we ever learn

I am the locust man

you are the locust man

we are the locust man