Steven Whitaker



Livin' the dream



Story behind the song:

This song was inspired by the pathetic life Al Bundy from the sitcom "Married with children" in combination with how I was feeling about my day job at the time I wrote it.  Most of the song is a dark introspection from the perspective of a jaded and apathetic person like Al Bundy and ends with him having a little gratitude for what he does have.  In the end, he realizes that maybe, all along, he's been "livin' the dream" and was just too jaded to see it.


How long I have walked in these

worn out shoes upon my feet

the road I chose the end of me

words in my head fell on deaf ears

that river kills and has for years

the undertow the least my fears

hey I’m alright

one more day of suicide

the drink’s on me a toast to apathy

livin’ the dream

we jaded hearts find our black holes

bought the rope that hung my soul

reason why bet heaven knows

how long I’ve been wasting here

frownin’ in an ice cold beer

the mornin’ comes the worst my fears

yeah I got everything

everything but happiness

ex-wife kept the diamond ring

do I love her well hell I guess

I got a job it’s a job

it’s a piece of shit

I know I’ve got a lot

I should get over it

could it be I’ve got it better than it seems

could it be I’m really livin’ the dream