Steven Whitaker






Story behind the song:

This is a fictional story inspired by some pretty dark feelings I had at the time I wrote it-which was about 20 years ago.  I had gone through the worst breakup in my life and let's just say I wasn't in a very happy place. Writing songs after a bad breakup are usually good therapy, but this one was so dark lyrically that I highly doubt it had any healing qualities to it lol. I hated Nirvana and wasn't really into Metallica much when I wrote this song, but when I sit back and listen to it, I can't help but hear the influences.  Put on your flannel shirt and enjoy a bit of a 90's flashback tune.  I hope you dig it.



it’s just a matter of taste

it’s just a matter of faith

it’s my disgrace


it’s just a matter of time

it’s such a matter pain

it’s never mine

you think you know me so

well I’m not bound and on my knees

walking blackened broken by disease

drowning in a mockery of peace

god help me


it’s such an innocent fate

leaves such a beautiful hate

my first mistake


it’s what they love to do

they’ll feed like rats and

eat their way through me

to get to you