Steven Whitaker



Edge of Oblivion

by Steven Whitaker

Released 08/01/2015
Released 08/01/2015
A blend of modern, 90's and classic rock is at the core of "Edge of Oblivion".
Lyrically driven with a wide range of grooves and styles, Steven Whitaker takes you on a thought- provoking ride through the mind of a rocker who actually has something to say.
  • 03:22 Story Lyrics Pretty empty head

    I remember that day

    was sky filled with hate

    all the thousands inside

    tried but could not escape

    you said what a shame

    as you finished your hair

    I just don’t understand

    is there anyone there

    don’t you wanna know don’t you even care

    don’t you ever think about it

    are you ever real don’t you ever feel

    even just for a minute

    you’re so beautiful and so wasted

    are you dead

    or just another pretty empty head

    with the world on its heels

    and death at our door

    you couldn’t care less and I

    couldn’t care more

    you’re so into you and

    we’re all so impressed

    with your mannequin mind

    and your Armani dress

    where’s your head

    you’re so beautiful and so wasted

    are you dead or

    just another pretty empty head

  • 03:30 Story Lyrics In your world

    It's been a while since I

    been a while since

    I was here

    it’s been a long time yeah

    seems like forever

    since I could feel

    maybe all I need is this

    moment of nothingness

    I don’t believe in fateb

    but I believe I’m here with you

    and the life I lived

    before tonight

    can go to hell with the world

     I’m through

    maybe all I need is this

    moment of nothingness

    everything is such a mess

    I can live I can breathe

     nothing’s tearing at me

    in your world I can live

     in your world I can exist

    it’s a fragile place

    such a fragile place to be

    I hate this feeling yeah

    like I would die

    if you walked away from me

    maybe all I need is this

    moment of nothingness

    maybe all I need is this

    moment of nothingness

    could it be I can exist

    in your world

  • 03:56 Story Lyrics My place

    how are you today

    are you really all smiles like you say

    heard you’ve been around

    seen the world from every cloud

    is it nice to see

    an old familiar face like me

    did you hope to find

    all the pieces left behind

    what if I never wake again

    what if time only brings the end

    can I stay long enough to find

    my place in line

    how do I confuse

    signs from the alien with truth

    do you understand

    think you know who I am

    anger I don’t want

    but some days it’s all that I’ve got

    was it worth the trip

    do you even give a shit


    your words

    mean nothing to me

    I found the edge and there was

    nothing to see

    they’re all just riddles and lies

    to tell me how to live my life

    how are you today

    are you really as real as they say

    what’s it like up there

    it looks pretty big from here


  • 04:04 Story Lyrics Never again

    Don’t move

    I can’t find you

    wait there

    I will try to

    And if we touch

    before I go

    I will hold that day

    and I’ll fade away

    and all you are

    will ease my fears

    then your heart

    will never be

    so far from me again

    never again

    cold here

    are you waiting

    these cruel years

    am I breaking

    but if we touch

    before I go

    I will hold that day

    and I’ll fade away


    what I fear is not the end

    but the end without you

    when we touch never again

    will I be without you

    what we’ll have there’s only one

    but I still can’t find you

    in the end never again

    will I be without you

  • 04:47 Story Lyrics Of fleas and men

    So glad you made it are you hungry

    grab a beer some chips and join the party

    don’t you ever feel your life is hollow

    well come and jump through the sky with me tomorrow

    ‘cause it’s all I can do to just get by

    it’s just too easy to stay high

    we sit and watch the world just spin

    what are we fleas or are we men

    don’t you ever wonder what is out there

    aren’t you sick and tired of wearing your fear

    we could spend our lives in this illusion

    I’ve got a better plan it’s called revolution


  • 04:44 Story Lyrics Solitude

    I did not want to

    be found like this I

    cannot explain

    why I am this way I

    am what I am

    what would you do

    if the world you knew

    broke in pieces

    would you have the strength I

    could not find

    just leave me be

    just let me live

    without the world

    without the hurt

    without the truth

    without you

    just leave me be

    in my solitude

    now that you have

    what you came for you

    can show the world

    what they’re dying to see

    let the parasites feed

    what I am now

    is at peace with

    what I’ve become

    can you leave it alone

    I am fine on my own


  • 03:48 Story Lyrics Locust man

    I am one of billions in my species.

    I will consume without conscience

    and I will devastate without regret.

    In many ways I am just like you.

    What am I? 

    Wicked as the wicked world we are

    we push a little push a little we push too far

    we’ll take and rape her to the bone

    it’s what we are so far

    and it’s all we’ve ever known

    you’re killin’ me killin’ me

    I am the locust the locust man

    the enemy the enemy

    I am the locust the locust man

    greedy is our nature by design

    we see the money take the money every time

    she’ll bleed and never say a word

    we’ll burn the sky and die

    before we ever learn

    I am the locust man

    you are the locust man

    we are the locust man

  • 04:06 Story Lyrics Bound


    it’s just a matter of taste

    it’s just a matter of faith

    it’s my disgrace


    it’s just a matter of time

    it’s such a matter pain

    it’s never mine

    you think you know me so

    well I’m not bound and on my knees

    walking blackened broken by disease

    drowning in a mockery of peace

    god help me


    it’s such an innocent fate

    leaves such a beautiful hate

    my first mistake


    it’s what they love to do

    they’ll feed like rats and

    eat their way through me

    to get to you


  • 05:14 Story Lyrics This thing that I've become

    I have found the darkest place

    the blackest that I’ve known

    It’s absent of all things

    of everything I loved

    I’ve come to take you there

    so you can finally see

    this thing that I’ve become

    that’s killing me

    you’ve haunted me these years

    crawling in my head

    a song that never ends

    a song about the dead

    I’ve come to take you home

    to show you what you’ve done

    so you can finally see

    this thing that I’ve become

    look at me look at me

    is this the face of sympathy

    is there life in these eyes

    if there is it’s your enemy

    look at you just look at you

    feed the rage I’m coming to

    what you’ve done

    I am numb

    now you’ll know what I’ve become

    this thing that I’ve become

    did she fight did she cry

    when you stood and watched her die

    did you feel like a god

    when you saw fear in her eyes

    I will have my revenge

    you will never kill again

    what you’ve done I am numb

    now you’ll know what I’ve become

    this thing that I’ve become


  • 04:13 Story Lyrics Livin' the dream

    How long I have walked in these

    worn out shoes upon my feet

    the road I chose the end of me

    words in my head fell on deaf ears

    that river kills and has for years

    the undertow the least my fears

    hey I’m alright

    one more day of suicide

    the drink’s on me a toast to apathy

    livin’ the dream

    we jaded hearts find our black holes

    bought the rope that hung my soul

    reason why bet heaven knows

    how long I’ve been wasting here

    frownin’ in an ice cold beer

    the mornin’ comes the worst my fears

    yeah I got everything

    everything but happiness

    ex-wife kept the diamond ring

    do I love her well hell I guess

    I got a job it’s a job

    it’s a piece of shit

    I know I’ve got a lot

    I should get over it

    could it be I’ve got it better than it seems

    could it be I’m really livin’ the dream    

  • 06:13 Story Lyrics Disappear

    A wish on a star

    a prayer on a pillow

    by light of the moon

    the song of a sparrow rings

    all the white doves are falling

    our weapons are words

    our peace is a lie

    as long as the distance

    between you and I is far

    all the white doves are falling

    oh can you hear their song

    heaven knows where we are going

    so take some time and watch the

    roses slowly fade then disappear

    while you’re still here

    ‘cause we all disappear

    a lesson in history

    a thought for us all

    our heartful intentions

    lost in the fall

    I wish on the stars

    these tears on my pillow

    are there to remind me

    to pray for your soul

    all the white doves are falling

    oh can you hear their song

    heaven knows we’re runnin’ on empty

    so take my hand let’s find some beauty

    in this place while we’re still here

    while we’re still here

    ‘cause we all disappear

  • 03:53 Story Lyrics You suck

    Oh the rush of something new am I stupid

    all those questions never asked I might be stupid

    broke the walls and let you in you seemed so different

    then pull the knife out of my heart I must be stupid

    jammin’ broken in the dark

    playin’ all my favorite songs

    neighbors bangin’ on the walls

    I don’t care I’m not the one

    who said I don’t believe in you

    and that my dreams are those of fools

    you said I’m not a lot to lose

    and tried  to bury me in  you

     weren’t deep enough I think you suck

    my friends were talkin’ sayin’ man are you that stupid

    shook my head and laughed I think I might be stupid

    sold me on your plastic smile and I fell so hard       

    tied the hands that break the fall I must be stupid


    so damn love blind

    numbing my mind

    freakin’ cupid

    am I stupid

    you said I don’t believe in you

    and that my dreams are those of fools

    you said I’m not a lot to lose

    and tried to bury me in you

    but I am stronger than you knew

    I was in deep but I’m so through

    you will crumble when you do

    I won’t be there ‘cause I’ve

    had enough of you know I have seen enough

    to know I know you suck

  • 04:50 Story Lyrics State of the union

    You’re twisting in your metaphors

    wonderin’ what the other means

    meet me half way you say while you’re

    stepping on each other’s dreams

    the politics of compromise

    always seem to be in the way

    but I’m standing here with a white dove

    in my hand and it’s never too late

    so tell me mr. congressman

    would Washington tip his hat to you

    would Jefferson say thank you man

    you’re an American through and through

    or would it take one look

    to see what you’ve become

    and cry out revolution

    where’s the america we left our children

    tell me mr. president is waging war

    our new god

    it seems to me you’re

    trying to control the world

    and for what

    how much greed and

    how much death until we stop

    and ask ourselves what what have we done

    where’s the america they left their children

    I’m looking at a world at war and wondering

    when this madness ends

    I’m asking leaders of the world

     to make your enemies your friends

    America the beautiful used to stand

    for something great

    well I’m standing here

    with a white dove in my hand

    and it’s never too late

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Random Old Songs

by Steven Whitaker

Released Release date
Released Release date
A handful of older songs.
  • 05:08 Lyrics The distance between us

    such a perfect night this moment is yours and mine

    to hold in our hearts til the end of the line

    we've come so far we've laughed and we've cried now just look where we are

    that glow on your face makes it worth every scar

    pull me in I don't want this moment to end

    pull me in 'cause we both know we let go we may never be here again

    so take these words and know that they're only a piece of the picture

    save those hurts for some lonely night when you can't fight the distance between us

    such a wonderous life all the mountains that we must climb

    but the view from the summit is worth it if we survive

    so we search our souls for the strength to believe we have any control

    the red lights are there we don't care we still go


    it's one night it's all I

    need to remember the best of us

    it's what we we should be

    instead of these things that are killing us

Steven Whitaker
Steven Whitaker


she's got a butterfly view fromt he 20th floor

she's so many things I never thought I would adore

an honest smile but her eyes they will reveal

her mysteries when the canvas starts to peel

with beautiful lines she starts her best work yet

she's got the wind in her face and every color in her head

the city sleeps as her stars begin to shine

I wonder if she knows she's painting herself this time

you don't need anything but an open heart and honesty

I can't take what you can't give you have the heart you're born with baby let it live

sing your songs paint your dreams I will play along and be there if it's meant to be

kiss your soul let it breath I will be the one only if it was meant to be

the darkness fades into an amber rise

the wind never slept it stayed right by her side

her masterpiece is just moments away

I wonder if she knows she's painting a brand new day

the silhouette of grace slips back to her skin

how very precious these moments of zen

to understand her is to open the sky

such beautiful things were alwasy meant to fly



Steven Whitaker
Steven Whitaker


I wrote this song for Michael Stevens' movie  "The Haunted Caves".  The song is written from the killer's perspective.  I don't generally write songs about killing people, but reading the script really helped to get the lyrics "into character".  Will the movie actually get made?   ...stay tuned.  :)


you wanted it real so how does it feel you're mine now

you gave me control you're down in a hole to die now

when I get my hooks in you all the pretty things I'll do

I'll take you places never seen I'll take you way beyond your pain

scream when I break you

scream gonna watch you

scream if it helps you ease into your dying dream

you're searching for light in permenant night you're mine now

you cannot believe the things that you see in my house


is this what you wanted

is this what you need

is your life so empty you're only happy when you bleed

Steven Whitaker
Steven Whitaker


This song is the story of an old man who gave up on his dreams years ago trying to offer some advice to an angry and frustrated young man on a NYC subway.  Not sure what inspired it, but I just pictured a tired old man looking at a perfect stranger who reminds him of himself at a young age and trying to give him some advice he wished someone had given him back then. 


pardon me would you mind if I just thought out loud a spell

ya see I've been around a while I've seen heaven and hell

I noticed that you brought your frown but you know what they say

it's just upside down so forgive me if I offer you this song

you're much too young to wear that jaded crown upon your head

so don't you point those eyes below the sky again

please believe me

tomorrow never came to anyone who held a dream and let it fly away

believe me

everything you need was born in you the day you knew what you were meant to be

please believe me

I still remember sittin' here about a hundred years ago

I was sure I knew everything you think you know

then I left my only friend behind that old guitar didn't even mind

'cause she probably found a better set of hands

you're much too young to wear that jaded crown upon your head

so don't you tell me that you're givin' up yet


I'm sure by now you're thinkin' this old man has lost his mind

but priceless are the lessons learned in time

so save yourself the misery unless your plan's to end up like me

'cause you're headed for the same old bitter end


you won't even see it fade you'll just wake up turning grey

wonderin' where he went the man you meant to be

please believe me